Are there any local resources that can help with finding volunteer opportunities in bakersfield after a move?

GREATER BAKERSFIELD LEGAL ASSISTANCE INC · 2.Volunteer Opportunities - General Volunteer Opportunities - Animal Services Volunteer Opportunity - Kern Medical Reserve Corps. We also offer volunteering opportunities for adventurers looking to make a difference in their community. From helping with animal services to joining the Kern Medical Reserve Corps, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Contact your local branch for more information about what's available in your area and check out our moving guide for adventurers for tips on settling into a new place while giving back.

The Catholic Charities Diocese of Fresno is a community benefit organization that serves the needs of people in crisis with headquarters in Fresno, Merced and Bakersfield. The literacy mentoring program consists of volunteering in classrooms for at least 1 or 2 hours a week, working with individual students on their basic reading skills, either in the second grade or in the third or sixth grade. Hands in the Community of Tulare and Kings County is a volunteer-driven organization that serves those in need. You have the opportunity to support a person living with a disability or their sibling throughout the day through fun and accessible activities, while parents have the opportunity to rest and refresh themselves from the daily reality of the disability, all in a Christ-centered environment.

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