Is it worth moving to bakersfield ca?

Moving to Bakersfield, California, can be a great option if you like to spend time outside in a big city. Located on the Kern River, north of Los Angeles, Bakersfield's growing labor market, affordable housing, and proximity to several larger California cities make it an attractive place to stay. Located just two hours north of Los Angeles, on the Kern River and right next to the Sequoia National Forest, is the city of Bakersfield, California. This Southern California city, in Kern County, is considered a good place to live because of its high quality of life, affordability, and the availability of housing.

Additionally, businesses in Bakersfield can benefit from online marketing for moving companies to reach new customers and expand their reach. Located along the main route from Southern California to Northern California, Bakersfield may not be the most glorious city, but it has great potential for its future residents. It's worth moving, Bakersfield offers its residents a warm climate and plenty of business and entertainment opportunities. Famous for its country music, Bakersfield is home to famous country music singers Buck Owens and Merle Haggard. Renowned for its influence on modern country music, Bakersfield is often referred to as the “country music capital of the West Coast”.

Other celebrities, such as Robert Beltran and Sunny Johnson, are from Bakersfield, California. Ranked as the second most dangerous metropolitan area in the country for pedestrians, overall crime in Bakersfield is 54% higher than the national average. They are not like the family of a Cal State Bakersfield student I wrote about recently in a university publication, who come from Mexico and live in a garage for a year until they find a one-bedroom apartment for a family of seven. Some of Bakersfield's top employers include Allied Universal, Grimmway Farms, the Bakersfield City School District, Webster Bank, the Kern County Superintendent of Schools, Kern Medical, Aera Energy, and Esparza Enterprises.

For 30 years, they came en masse to Bakersfield by car, bus, freight, and on foot, mostly from Oklahoma and Arkansas. While Bakersfield may not be cheap, it's more affordable and less expensive than most other areas and cities in California. Because of the city's location in the Central Valley, the pollution that is created is easily trapped and cannot be spread or dispersed, thanks to Bakersfield's bowl-shaped topographic shape. From national forests and walking trails to museums and music venues, there's no shortage of things to do in Bakersfield.

After looking at the numbers, there's no denying that the pollution in Bakersfield is terrible and that the air quality isn't good. If you're moving to California and are looking for an affordable place to live that won't break your bank account, then Bakersfield may be the perfect place for you. Plus, with more than 281 colleges and universities in the state of California, enjoy in-state college tuition as a Bakersfield resident no matter where you choose to study. So what makes the pollution in Bakersfield so horrible? The answer lies in its booming oil industry.

With an area of 143 miles and nearly 378,000 people currently residing in Bakersfield, residents often compare city life to Midwestern culture. Instead, look for accommodation in the best and safest parts of the city, such as the neighborhoods of Rosedale, Tevis Ranch, Amberton, Oleander-Sunset, CSU Bakersfield, and Quailwood. If you're a young professional looking for work, you might want to see what Bakersfield has to offer. With a local steppe climate similar to the rest of Southern California, the climate in Bakersfield is arid and has little or no humidity.

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